mardi 12 avril 2016

Hangover: why some have not right?

Blessed those who are insensitive to the effects of acetaldehyde, the substance produced by the liver when alcohol is metabolized: those have less risk of suffering fromthe hangover the next morning.

Hangover: why some have not right?
The hangover occurs for several reasons. The first is that alcohol causes dehydrationhigh (normal, it is very diuretic). It is this dehydration which causes headaches, drymouth and difficulty to focus in the aftermath of particularly boozy evening. In addition, alcohol is rich in sugar: as it encourages the body to produce insulin, it is drop our blood sugar levels... which also causes of unbearable headaches that are hard to get rid.

But those who are less prone to hangover are mostly those who are insensitive to the effects of acetaldehyde, the toxic substance produced when alcohol is metabolized by the liverSmall lucky, think youNot quite. Because if their metabolism does not also openly feel the effects of alcohol, this is not to say that these "small lucky" are immune to its effects in the long term.

"On the contrary, people who have a tolerance to the hangover tend to drink withmore excess, since their body of sends them not warning signals.However, more one consumes alcohol during his life, increases the risk of many diseases: cancers, diseases of the liver (cirrhosis) and pancreas disorders cardiovascular, hypertension, diseases of the nervous system and disorders psychic (anxiety, depression, disorders ofbehavior) "says Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical consultant to the Association for the prevention against alcoholism of Great Britain."

The simplest, evening of celebration, therefore drink "sparingly". But if despite everything, the next morning you have evil to the head, apply our SOS anti-exces plan.

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